Mostly A’s: BITCHY KITTY The quintessential girl, you take pride in being a mystery to boys. You’re fickle, charming and indecisive, which make you very attractive to the opposite sex. Your role model is Scarlet O’ Hara. Like her, you have only to bat your baby browns and boys fall at your feet. You can be a tad selfish, but on the other hand, you are no pushover, and are rarely taken advantage of. Though you are quite popular, maybe you ought to be a bit more considerate of other people’s needs and feelings!

Mostly B’s: MEEK LAMBIKINS What an angel! You are sweet and considerate, never a whiner or a complainer. Your idol is Mother Theresa. You love to take care of others and would make a terrific mother or girlfriend. Sometimes, though, people have a tendency to take your good nature for granted. Beware of manipulators and mean people who might reduce you to tears! When you die, though, you’ll go straight to heaven.

Mostly C’s: LOYAL DOGGIE Woof! You are happy-go-lucky, amiable and loyal. Not surprisingly, you are a good friend – always there when your friends need you. You are a dependable girlfriend. You cannot stand to see people cry; in fact, you love making people laugh. With such a full social calendar, don’t forget to be responsible and focus on serious stuff like your academics

Mostly D’s: SPUNKY MONKEY You are outspoken, brash and confident. You are often the first to raise your hand in class. (Though you don’t always know the right answer!) You are a tad argumentative, and no point is beneath you. You’re a natural leader, and you’re admired for your fearlessness. However, you tend to lose your temper a lot (and regret it afterwards!). Maybe you ought to examine the benefits of yoga – relaxation exercises might be just what you need to loosen up a bit!